STEM Education Products

PicoSTEM is the first brand and industry we have focused on to design, locally manufacture, and offer our products for sale through our online store & distribution global partner channel network. All of our STEM products are designed in partnership with educators & engineers. Many of our products actually were reverse manufactured from overseas to be made locally utilizing 3D printers & similar technologies. 

As we continue to grow & expand our products will be made even more locally to where they are purchased as our core focus is to produce & deliver our products in the most sustainable way possible! 

PicoSTEM products all have free curriculum lessons or full digital courses aligned with NGSS & other major educational standards. As an add-on service, we offer Virtual Teacher Mentoring, Teaching, & professional development training for K-16 educators. 

STEM Educational products- Kits to explore Robotics, Electronics, Solar, and Wind Energy!